Electro-permanent Lifting-Magnets type EPM-B are used where medium weights often are handled. They are particularly suitable for lifting sheets and burning sections, through the optional use of pole pieces for shafts or profiled serial parts. EPM-B are built very robust and can also be used in shifts. The electrical controllability allows the operator to switch the unit without physical strain. When turning, the workpiece is released safely. Especially in the use of manipulators and robots, the EPM-B provides significant advantages, since it works with a bi-stable permanent-magnetic field which is driven by the MCU-FL control unit.






MCU-FL control unit

The MCU-FL control unit is connected to the EPM-B Lifting-Magnets. To drive there are various options:

  • Through contacts from the crane operator (be 2 make required)
  • With its own radio or IR remote control
  • With wired hand control/MCU HB



On the network side 400V/50Hz (230V/5oHz) • Rec. Fuse 20A/gl • IP 55




EPM-B Zero

EPM-B Zero allows full demagnetization of the workpiece after transport. So even gear parts or hardened workpieces can be transported reliably and implemented. Optionally available with pole pieces for receiving round material or profiles.