SML/SMH electro-permanent magnets in square pole technology are the safe solution for loads up to 25t and frequent handling. The self-contained unit is supplied with mains voltage and is thus quick to install.  The magnet system can be switched on the unit or the remote control supplied.


Innovative control technology ensures maximum safety:

  • PICKUP/FULLMAG - the full magnetic power switches shortly after lifting and then provides guaranteed maintenance
  • Remote Control – puts the operator in a safe distance to the load
  • Holding force regulating – the optimal transport of plates
  • DAUTANAC – demagnetization only at no-load chain
  • UCS – current control system, verifies the magnetic saturation
  • LEDs – always informs you about the switching state

SML Lifting-Magnets to handle sheets or blocks with a small air gap. The electro-permanent type SML modules provide a simple solution for transporting loads with a small air gap. Very good balance between load and its own weight. SML magnets provide best services in material storage and when cutting.







SMH Lifting magnets for handling slabs and blocks. The electro-permanent type SMH modules are designed for transporting loads with large air gaps.