Permanent Lifting Magnets

PML - primarily for flat material PML-R - Especially for round material PML-P - especially for thin sheets and pipes PML-V - For beams, profiles and angle profiles
PML-H - For hot workpieces up to 300°C PML-WP - waterproof up to 1.5m PML -C - specifically for rings and sleeves PML-AIR - pneumatically switched ON and OFF
PML-RP - for flat and circular loads NEO-LIFT - advantageous when transporting long materials MAxX - Especially suitable for materials with very good surface  

 Horizontal-Vertical Systems

PML-V-HV - horizontal vertical system up to 800kg


NEO-HV - for vertical transport up to 1000kg

  MaxX-VS - accessory to MaxX lifting magnet for vertical transport of workpieces   MaxX-VS-S - vertical lifting device to 2t



PML-LT - especially for the sheet metal processing suited up to 2.5t


Electro-Permanent Lifting Magnets

EPM-B - ideal for burning and laser cutting systems to 4.5t   EPM-BA - universal system with direct flange mounted controls , to a maximum of 4.5t   EPM-G - specifically designed to handle thin and hard work pieces in the vicinity of the grinding machine   EPM-BT Retail Traverse - ideal for handling thin metal sheets from 4mm
EPM-M - for frequent handling of parts up to max. 175kg   BF 2/TM 4 Truss - ideal for sheet metal panels from 5mm, up to 12m length   SML/SMH - designed for Heavy lifting up to 25t    

 Magnetic Transporters

SH/MK-KS - suitable for thin metal sheets from 3mm   SH/MK/PML1-H - the flexible attachable handles for steel parts and sheets   SHX-100 - with extra sturdy aluminum body  


ERM - for lifting parts by mass and bulk   NER - for installation in handling equipment    

Battery-Lifting Magnets

FBM - for flat material and for lifting heavy, thick blocks and sheets up to 5t   FBM-P - with prism for flat, round and profile material up to 3,6t