TR-DIN Hook blocks with integrated scales are an extremely stable and highly accurate alternative to the use of simple crane scales. Because of the crane-integrated bottle measuring cell, the crane system does not lose its hook height. Usually TR-DIN scales are very easy to install. The red, well readable, digital display informs the crane operator continuously and precisely on the current load. For continuous commitment the TR-DIN is supplied with 2 rechargeable batteries and external charger. So the exhausted battery can be replaced in a very short time to the battery located in the charging cradle. Supplied with IR remote control for the commands "TARE" and "OFF".


Technical details for TR–DIN

  • High precision 0.1%V.E.
  • Large, bright red digital display, with digits from 25-60mm height – depending on the load
  • Tare-suppression over the entire measuring range
  • Sealed to IP65
  • 2 change - battery / external charger
  • Operating range from -10°C to +50°C
  • Alarm display for overload/Tare/Battery