Crane load measurement systems VIX measure the actual load on the fixed rope of the crane system. For this purpose a measuring cell is installed shortly after the suspension of the crane rope, or installed a pin measuring cell at the fixed point, or at the upper return pulley of the cable guide. The VIX display unit is permanently connected to the mains voltage and is therefore totally maintenance free. The red light under the digital display is easy to read at a great distance. Optional the measured value can be sent via radio to other ads or a PC interface. Optional multiple relays can be installed at different loads.



  • External input for the tare command (to link to the crane control)
  • IR remote control for the functions "TARE" and "OFF"
  • Adjustable limit contact/alarm/overload
  • Signal amplifiers for distances greater than 10m between measuring cell and VIX
  • RS 232 interface
  • Built-in printer