Permanent Lifting Magnets

The FX Base Device is suitable for flat and round Material
  FX-R - suitable when you mostly have to lift round and/or hot Material

FX-P - for plates under 12mm thickness and tubes

  FX-V - Especially suitable for profiles, beams and hot parts 150°C/100%


PML Lifting Magnets -

For flat Material


PML-R Lifting Magnets -

For round Material

  PML-C Lifting Magnets - Especially for rings and sleeves
  PML-RP Lifting Magnets - for flat and annular Loads
NEO-LIFT Lifting Magnets - Advantageous when transporting long materials
  MaxX Lifting Magnets - Particularly suitable for materials with a very good surface finish

 Horizontal-Vertical Systems


FX-HV - Horizontal Vertical System for up to 3.000kg





FX-LT - Specially suited for sheet processing, up to 4,8t

  FX-KT - Small Truss for workpieces with central cut-out


Electro-Permanent Lifting Magnets

FXE - Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets for all applications
  BF 2/TM 4 Trusses - Ideal for sheet metal from 5mm, up to 12m length
  SML/SMH - made for Heavy Lifting up to 25t    

 Magnetic Transporter

SH/MK-KS - suitable for sheet from 3mm
  SH/MK/PML1-H - The flexible handles for steel parts an sheet material
  SHX-100 - with extra strong aluminum housing

Electro-Round Magnets

ERM - for lifting bulk parts and bulk material
  NER -for installation in handling systems

Battery-Lifting Magnets

FBM - for flat material and for lifting heavy, thick blocks and sheets up to 5t
  FBM-P - with prism for flat, round and profile material up to 3,6t