FX lifting magnets are the new innovative product in the ield of magnetic lifting technology.
They work with a single- magnet system consisting of high-energy magnets half-shell, which can be
fully activated in only 90° Switching travel, and works completely non-rebound and self-locking.

The massive, ball-bearing switch shaft with the half-shell structured magnet has no magnetic Losses due to internal short circuit and can be manufactured in one piece in the entire length without welds or tapered transitions, and without millings for Block magnets what makes them virtually indestructible.

The unique, patent-pending design with half-shell magnets and Reduction of the inner air gap in the magnet system ensure a considerably higher performance by using the same amount of magnetic material - which reduces costs and protects the environment.


Green Magnets for the modern Industry - Made in Germany


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FX - Economically the right decision

  • Made in Germany
  • Standard-compliant and tested CE/EN 13155/MRL 2006/42 EWG
  • Product liability insurance with a German insurance company
  • Multilingual Documentation
  • Environmentally friendly and future-proof by higher
    Power with lower SE Magnet consumption
  • 3 years Warranty
  • Safety factor 3,5
  • supply of spare parts guaranteed for 10 years
  • CAD Data available


FX - Technically the right decision

  • 100% nickel
  • High Energy half-shell Magnets
  • actuator travel of only 90°
  • large forged lifting eye (SF5)
  • great performance in a compact design
  • short loading- and unloading times
  • no mechanical impairment of
  • very massive shift shaft
  • recoilless hand operation
  • suitable for lat and round materials
  • increased safety via simple operation



FX Universal Permanent Lifting Magnets

FX lifting magnets in standard version convince with their wide range of applications. The FX achieved good results at both, a large air gap as well as thin lat and round materials.It has a compact design and low weight. The device is characterized by great robustness and a very good price/performance ratio.


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FX-R Permanent Lifting Magnets especially suitable for Round Material

FX-R is the lifting magnet series for round material handling. The deep lat angle prism ensures safe positioning on the load and directs the magnetic ield deep into the material. The magnet system can be switched good in the entire Diameter. It does not snap back, shearing off the load by turning is prevented by a cross prism.

Sheet, even with low material thickness, is no problem for the FX-R. On hot workpieces, the deep prism protects the magnetic core from overheating.


CAD Data

    FX-R Schaubild    




FX-P Permanent Lifting Magnets especially for thin sheets and pipes

FX-P is the lifting magnet series for professional lifting and moving of thinner sheets, tubes and bars. The special Magnet-Coniguration in conjunction with the prismatic pole of the FX-P ensures maximum lux density even on thin material thickness.

The FX-P can be positioned well on round tube and gently pressed.


CAD Data


    FX-P Skizze




FX-V Permanent Lifting Magnets with 90° Prism for beams, Proiles and hot parts

FX-V Lifting magnets are speciically tailored to the areas of application in the steel, shipbuilding and container construction. They have a long, narrow design for receiving carriers and Proiles - also on the inner web of the beam - and reach its maximum holding power so that even thin sheets can be lifted safely even at comparatively low material thickness.
Thanks to the 90° prism, angle proiles can securely be received or components are turned.
When lifting hot internal cuts, the deep prism protects the built-in magnets from heat.

The FX-V, like all FX models, has a completely nickel-plated magnetic body and provides very good test results, even in rough surfaces. Also the FX-V has a stable smooth one-hand switch.


CAD Data

     FX-V Träger Anwendung    


FX-C Permanent Lifting Magnet for the Handling of Rings and Sleeves

FX-C lifting magnets have a round, multipole clamping surface, designed for lifting rings, sleeves, bearing housings, flange plates and similar workpieces.
The load specification is valid for full-surface mounting on workpieces which cover D inside to D outside (see table Dimensions), for workpieces with a smaller mounting surface an approximate maximum workpiece weight of 3.5 kg per cm² clamping surface can be calculated. For serial workpieces, a documented test should confirm the safety factor 3.




FX-HV Horizontal-Vertical Systems

The FX-HV Horizontal-Vertical System will meet with its diverse setting almost any need. Overall height and focus can be adjusted by plug pins. Likewise, the device also can be used for up to 20% of its rated load without engaging under pads.
The support pins are positioned in a way so that standing blanks can be struck, which, for example, is often required on the saw.

Likewise lying discs and sheets can be placed. For horizontal transport, the system has a lifting eye on the back. The steel structure is completely coated, and the stable FX Lifting magnet ensures maximum safety. Special dimensions are available on request.



FX-HV Horizontal Vertikal System
FX-HV Anwendung 1  FX-HV Anwendung 2  FX-HV Skizze    



FX-LT Permanent Magnetic Truss

FX-LT magnet trusses adapted to the needs of metal fabricators, laser and flame cutters. Two FX-V Lifting magnets and a slight distance truss with 2-strain chain allows the loading and unloading of machines with sheets, or the horizontal Pick up of workpieces with center cutout. With a few simple steps the magnets can be removed from the crossbar to lift blanks and small plates with only one magnet.


Delivery includes:

  • 2 Lifting magnets
  • 2-strain chain with hooks and eyelets
  • Distance truss with suspension elements


   FX-LT Skizze    



FX-KT Small Trusses

FX-KT Small Trusses are adapted to the needs of sheet metalworkers, laser and flame cutters. Two FX magnets and one adjustable small bar allow the transport of workpieces with a central cutout. In particular, rings and cylindrical workpieces with a central cut can be transported eficiently and effortlessly with the FX-KT.

In a few simple steps, the magnets can be removed from the crossbar to lift blanks and small plates with only one magnet.



Towing Eye for FX Lifting Magnets

Special option “towing-eyelet” for FX lifting magnets. For vertical transport of lighter parts FX lifting magnets can come with an extra towing-eyelet.