SH/MK-KS Magnetic Transportation

Permanent Magnetic transporters are used where switchable lifting magnets cannot be used because of low material thicknesses. They are suitable for thin metal sheets from 3mm and are more cost effective than lifting magnets, but must be separated by means of a push-off train from the workpiece. Their use provides in sheet stock, on the internal or laser cutting machine, the shears or punching machine and in the steel and container-building. Magnet transporter types SH and MK are not compatible with the latest European standard for lifting magnets. We recommend its use only in protected areas.






SH/MK/PML-1H Magnetic Claws

Magnetic Claws are the flexible attachable handle on steel parts and sheets. They are simply placed in the desired location and released mechanically again.


SH and MK:

Ideal for solid and rolled sheet metal parts, the SH with hard plastic case is the cost-effective alternative to MK with cast-aluminum housing.


PML-1H :

Is recommended especially for flame cuts and parts with bad surfaces.








Ideal for sheet metal parts and internal cuts. The SHX-100 is built stable and robust with its aluminum body. A super strong neodymium magnet system ensures a secure grip in a compact size - even on rough surfaces.