PML magnets convince with standard through their wide range of applications. PML reaches both with large air gaps and in thin materials and round materials good results with a compact design and low weight. The tested by “TÜV Südwest” device is characterized by great robustness and a very good price/performance ratio. Optionally, PML is available with rear lifting eye for towing or used for profiled workpieces with special geometries with special poles.



PML Lasthebemagnete

PML-R Permanent Lifting Magnets

PML-R is the lifting magnet series for round material handling. Equipped with an extra-deep, flat-angled prism, the magnetic field is led deep into the round material, thus ensuring even in poor surface finish for a secure grip. The current trend to build lifting magnets as small and light as possible is, especially in the application round material Lifting strong at the expense of safety. Of course, all the lifting magnets of round materials are checked, but just under laboratory conditions, without taking into account the risk of lateral shearing and none-centric touchdown. PML-R Lifting magnets lie down with their distinctive prism centered on cylindrical loads and begin twisting movements mechanically. The magnet system can be easily switched by the large-area contact to the material and does not beat back upon release. PML-R Lifting magnets are especially suitable for lifting metal sheets with thickness from 6mm. The wide design for more rigidity to the workpiece and the tapered pole piece for maximum magnetic flux density. Another advantage of the pronounced prism when handling hot parts, because the magnet system is further away from the workpiece and air can flow through the prism aperture.




PML-R lasthebemagnete


PML-H Permanent Lifting Magnets

PML-H Lifting magnets hold loads permanently at high temperatures. A samarium-cobalt permanent magnet system allows operating temperatures of up to 300°C. The standard configuration with 90° prism can be fashioned on request to accommodate profiled standard parts or special diameter. Ideal for moving heated tools and dies, or heat-treated workpieces. The maximum continuous operating temperature is 250°C - in spikes up to 5 minutes at 300°C.



PML-H Lasthebemagnete