New Lifting Magnets are delivered by us with a manufacturer's declaration of conformity, which confirms compliance with the standards MD 2006/42 EC and EN 13155. As in the EN 13155 testing of lifting magnets is regulated, at delivery must be accompanied by no separate audit log.

An exceptional check shall be carried out to repair or extraordinary incidents (crash, collision) BGR 500/Chapter 2.8.

A regular check shall be conducted at least annually according to BGR 500/Section 2.8 .

Depending on the conditions of the load receiving means tests at shorter intervals may be necessary.

We will gladly check your Lifting magnets at our factory or at your site.

Our mobile testing service for lifting magnets checks all brands locally.

The mobile Check-device can be brought directly to the workstation of the user, so that the test can be carried out without losing too much time. Spare parts for nearly all of the outstanding lifting magnets leads our auditors with him, so that even in case of defects the device is available again after a short time.

For long-term testing of these services at very low travel expenses is available. We will gladly advise you on retests BGR 500.