Magnetic clamping devices such as magnetic chucks, rotary chucks and blocks are used in all sectors of metalworking. When grinding, milling, eroding and in metrology, magnetic clamping devices have proven daily by high precision, distortion-free clamping and durability. In the following overview you will find a wide range of magnetic clamping devices for different applications. In addition to our wide range of standard equipment, we also offer special solutions for your individual clamping problem.

The holding forces indicated refer to a test work with 40x40x20mm and sanded surface of St37.

The following factors reduce the holding force:

  • Poor surface/air gaps
  • Poorly magnetizable materials such as cast iron or alloy steel
  • Full-surface occupancy of the magnetic disk (the total holding force increases, the holding force however drops per cm2)


For more information, see "Selection guide for lifting magnets and air gap tables"

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