EF electric magnetic chucks are available in small to medium sizes. They have a very fine pole pitch. Their use is particularly recommended for clamping small, thin parts from approximately 7x5x2mm on surface grinders. By using modern pole reversal devices the adhesive force can be regulated and the workpiece can be demagnetized after machining. EF magnetic chucks convincing uniform holding force over the entire gripping range, very high stiffness by mono-block design and minimal warming - even with long turn-on times.


  • Electromagnetic system, steel body+pole
  • transverse or longitudinal pole pitch 1+3mm
  • Holding power 100 N/cm2
  • Magnetic field height approx 6mm
  • Pole plate wearing limit 7mm
  • Voltage 110 VDC
  • protection class IP 67



Precise electric magnetic chuck for grinding small, thin workpieces

The standard package includes 3m connection cable and a long and a short side stop bar.  Matching pole-reversal devices type USG are also available with us.