PFR magnetic chuck suitable for final processing of rings and for hard turning or grinding. The reinforced ceramic magnet system also allows to fully demagnetize high-alloy and hardened materials after processing. The monoblock base body and the brass isolated magnetic poles ensure maximum rigidity and best heat dissipation. Optional deployable mobile and flexible pole extensions allow to span the workpiece indemnify and non-warping. Diameter up to 2000mm are manufactured massively from a base body. Larger diameters can be composed of individual segments. The cable connection to the pole-reversal device may be laterally plugged or rear connected via a slip ring contact.



  • Electro-permanent magnet system, steel body + pole plate,
  • Radial pole pitch
  • Holding power 100N/cm²
  • Pole plate wearing limit 6mm,
  • Performance 400V Pulse
  • Protection IP 67





Matching Pole Reversal Devices type ST211 and GR are also available with us