The new, patented Mill-Tec System has revolutionized clamping in many applications. The double-acting magnetic chuck clamped itself magnetically to the machine table and holds the workpiece on the top. This new technology provides even more stiffness and eliminates all avoidable vibration. The magnetic chuck is made ​​of one piece, slim 42mm tall and has a fully metallic clamping surface. The top and bottom can be controlled separately, so that the magnetic chuck securely maintains its position even when changing the workpieces. Round poles with a diameter of 70mm for maximum holding force of 160N/cm2 active area. The intermediate portions of the poles can be machined and fitted with positioning or stops. On the equipment side of the table a high demagnetizing cycle ensures that the degradation of chipboard remains no magnetism.

Both the flexible positioning of multiple chucks for machining of large parts, as well as the extremely fast change of the clamping device in fabricating small and medium sized parts, the Mill-Tec shines through time savings and flexibility.

To clamp workpieces with uneven surfaces or for raising of workpieces round pole extensions mobile (RMP type 78) and fixed (PVR 70) can be used.