The FXL square pole technology is the result of over 20 years of experience in magnetic clamping technology and combines solutions to the most common customer requirements in the highest quality design. Magnetic poles, fed by Alnico and NDFeB magnets, are anchored in a solid, super-stiff monobloc body by means of a tool steel insert with M8 internal thread. The back of the clamping plate remains flat and can be drilled in at all points - for example, for inserting a zero-point clamping system. For this purpose, the magnet system is coated with highperformance resin in a multi-stage process, which has a high mechanical strength and ensures absolute tightness and perfect electrical insulation.

Clamping slots and transport threads help to quickly attach and fix the magnetic clamping plates; the connection is made via the proven 28mm 4-pin Feme plug connection or also via fixed connection sockets.

FXL magnetic clamping plates can be controlled with our FXL-C control units or with almost all control units from other leading manufacturers.

For our FXL magnetic clamping systems, which are manufactured in Germany, we use only materials of the highest quality.

Various pole sizes and geometries are available. Depending on the expected workpiece geometry, you can choose between 50 square poles, 70 square poles or even radial poles.



FXL-50 - for small thin-walled workpieces on fast, light machines   FXL-70 - suitable for larger and uneven workpieces   FXL-R - are particularly suitable for machining centers with rotary table, for turning and milling operations.   FXL-RR - especially suitable for rotationally symmetrical machining of rings, sleeves and flanges
FXL block - suitable for flexible fixing of workpieces   FXL Control Technology - Controls for FXL Magnetic Clamping Plates and other Electro-Permanent Magnetic Clamping Systems