FXL-RR magnetic chucks are especially suitable for the rotationally symmetrical machining of rings, sleeves and flanges. The radial pole pitch ensures uniform clamping over the entire contact surface and additional mechanical positioning and clamping aids can be inserted into the T-slots in the poles. The T-slots offer the further option of also using mobile or fixed pole extensions to free the workpiece or to clamp it without pulling it down.

The connection to the FXL-C control unit is plugged in externally or via a rear sliding contact with shaft lead-through.

FXL RR magnetic chucks are available in two versions

• FXL RR with max. 160 N magnetic force per cm2 active surface and release impulse for turning with maximum holding force

• FXL RR-Z with max. 120 N magnetic clamping force per cm2 active surface and optimised demagnetisation for fine machining on high-alloy and heat-treated workpieces