The patented MAG VAC technique allows a magnetic chuck in a few seconds to convert a vacuum chuck. This solution is particularly attractive when the magnetic chuck is usually not or only rarely is removed from the machine and both magnetizable and non- magnetizable workpieces to be processed.


Application video



Easy conversion:

In the MAG-VAC-compatible electro-permanent magnetic chuck the MAG VAC Grid adapter plate is placed, pushed into position and clamped magnetically. After that, the hose of a commercial vacuum port is connected to the magnetic clamping plate - done.


1. Position the MAG-VAC GRID Adapter Plate

2. Activate the magnetic chuck



3. Connect the vacuum pump




MAG VAC standards are available in sizes 50 and QX QX 403 HE 406 HE 50, but any other QX magnetic chuck in our range can be supplied as MAG-VAC system. Likewise, it is possible to retrofit existing plates.



Optionally, the clamping possibilities of working with sealing cord GRID be expanded adapter plate through the use of SLOT PLATE grooved plate or the VAC-MAT chamber plate. Attractive if from thin materials workpieces have to be milled.
GRID Adapterplate SLOT-PLATE Nutplate VAC-MAT Chamberplate