QX/MILL-TEC Supplies

Mobile and fixed pole extensions to the square pole - mounting system allow the clamping of wavy and warped metal parts. They adapt to your workpiece and keep it safe. Individually each of contact points between magnetic chuck and workpiece can be defined. Also, the through drilling and the editing of the inner edges of magnetically clamped workpieces is possible. Additional pole extensions can be build, installed or removed in a very short time, so each piece has his individual fixture. For five-sided machining the workpiece can be released with pole extensions. About pole plates complex structures can be incorporated to exciting workpieces in the magnetically active area. Our pole extensions are made of high quality steel and have the best magnetic flux properties - technically perfect and durable.


  • Vibration-free machining and clamping of workpieces

  • Protection of the magnetic chuck

  • Flexibility in mounting height

  • Interference-contour free/through-drilling and milling possible

  • No vacuum adhesion between magnetic chuck and workpiece

  • Easy solving of the workpiece even with highly alloyed/hardened materials

Roughing 1. surface Turning and Roughing 2. surface Apply and finishing 1. surface

Mobile pole extensions are used to clamp workpieces entire surface without distorting them simultaneously. The spring-loaded upper part of the mobile pole extension lies down on power by the force of the magnetic field at the workpiece and stabilizes it, without pulling the workpiece down. Especially for the machining of large-scale parts, the voltage on magnetic chucks has prevailed with mobile pole extensions as the best technique.

MP mobile pole extensions for full-surface and distortion-free clamping of workpieces   RMP pole extensions Mobile 20% higher magnetic performance than standard square pole extensions   Standard pole extensions give in conjunction with mobile pole extensions the three-point support   Full Metal pole plates - the size of the pole plates is defined custom
Multiple pole plates 2-8 Pole allow large magnetically active areas with work-in opportunities   MBR Magnet Bock - serve as additional support to mitigate vibrations