Multiple pole plates allow to create large magnetically active areas with work-in opportunities. Thus, e.g. with maximum stiffness contours and workpiece shapes are introduced into the pole surface. Complex, hardly to clamp workpieces of cast iron or steel can be easily inserted into your form. Similarly, a vertical, active tension profile can be created in order to create workpieces or in addition to stabilize. Pole plates and multiple poles are "soft jaws" for your clamping system. We offer Multiple pole plates we offer in ground height for use with the matching mobile pole extensions or alternatively with 6mm or 10mm allowance for introducing its own contours, edges or prisms.





QX/MILL-TEC Supplies Multiple Special Pole Plates

For a repeatable build on QX clamping systems, we offer you all pole plates with optional rear fits and Bushes, too. Customer side, the corresponding adjustment (diameter 15mm/M6) must then be introduced into the magnetic chuck. So recurring workpieces can be clamped in the prepared position.



  • Selected standard pole
  • Work-in
  • Bushes
  • Screws
  • Drawing for introducing the counter fit into the magnetic chuck

Pole plates with stop edge enable rapid insertion and protect magnetically poorly stretchable parts before slipping.