SFS sine tables with built PMSF chipboard impress with good workmanship and compact design. The main body is hardened to approximately 50 HRC. The angle is adjusted according the sine principle by using gauge blocks. Fixation is achieved by the side-mounted attachment scissors. Our economical SFS sine tables in good precision are used in grinding, measuring and eroding.


Technical Details:

  • Single axis sine table with built fine pole chipboard
  • Holding power 80N/cm2
  • Magnetic field height approx 6mm
  • Pole plate wearing limit 5mm
  • plane parallelism 0,002/100mm
  • Angular accuracy +-0.0027°/+-10sec


SFSI Sine Table Swivel on the longitudinal axis to an angle of max. 45°.


SFSID Sine Table Swivel on the longitudinal and transverse axis to an angle of 45°.