Zero-Point Clamping Systems

The automation has become indispensable in the mechanical processing. In order to keep machine downtime to a minimum, in EDM, milling and grinding machines, palletizing and zero-point clamping systems are used. This allows the user to span the workpiece already outside the machine, so that a supply of strained workpieces for the machine can be prepared.

This allows zero-point clamping systems, to change workpieces between 2 machines without re- calibration of the position, or even to interrupt a machining operation, to take the workpiece from the machine and to continue to run the program at a known position.

The external clamping is carried on pallets which can be accommodated in the machine repeatability. The pallets are then passed manually or automatically in the machine.

The magnetic clamping plates described on the following pages are suitable for use with palletizing systems from all manufacturers.

To produce self-sustaining magnetic palettes reference elements can also be incorporated directly into the magnetic chuck. We also supply ready-made with original clamping and positioning equipped magnetic pallets for all Systems.

For heavy cutting and large workpieces we recommend Electro-Permanent square pole, in combination with UniLock-R quick-change pallet systems.


UNILOCK R zero-point clamping systems - for Zero Substitution oriented workpieces and fixtures   PMNM Palletizing Magnetic Chucks - High-precision plates for clamping small and thin parts  

PMNM-AL Palletizing Magnetic chucks - super light with aluminum body

  PMNEO Palletizing Magnetic Chucks - for heavy cutting
QX-LOCK HD50 Palletized magnetic clamping plates - perfect for introducing reference elements for zero-point clamping systems