With the universal UNILOCK-R zero-point clamping system, you change your workpieces and jigs made ​​within seconds Zero oriented. The repeatability lies under 0,005mm. Reduce your machine downtime by up to 90%! Magnetic clamping pallets, fixtures, vises, grid plates or workpieces are provided with the UNILOCK bolt and positively to the UNILOCK zero-point clamping system, highly accurate excited and locked.



Simple and reliable:

UniLOCK-R spanned always and only needs to loosen a compressed air pulse. As an option the turbo input can be connected to a compressed air pulse with particularly strong chipping. This increases the pull-in force to three times.


Solid and Stable

The super strong universal clamping pin can be mounted in various ways to the part to clamp. The intelligent combination of bolt types A, B and C, the repeatability is achieved by <0.005mm.



The standard pallets R2 to R10 are prepared ready for use on the machine. It can, for example, built on a R10 Unilock-palette 5 small magnetic plates, each with 2 clamp bolt as well as 2 pieces R4 UNILOCK pallets a magnetic chuck with 8 bolts are tightened. All pneumatic connections are in the massive, polished base plate, the holes drilled in many places can be carried out. Simply screw and edit the first part after a few simple steps.

Technical features that convince:

  • Repeatability <0.005mm
  • Positive locking; Holding force 75kN
  • Pneumatic system, the compressed air is used simultaneously for cleaning
  • Free media, self-locking clamping system with very high Surface pressure by power transmission and locking the clamping wedges
  • Compressed air supply of 6 bar to release sufficient (no hydraulics necessary)
  • Massive construction of clamping modules, strongly dimensioned clamping bolt
  • Large room during retraction of the clamp bolt by conical Collection of short taper
  • High-precision centering in the module and at the clamping bolt
  • Diverse Options to fix the clamping bolt
  • Direct installation into the machine table possible



Magnetic chucks clamp the workpiece quickly, Change zero point clamping systems the clamping device quickly and accurately, both together are the solution when it comes to productivity!

During the day, Pre-milling during the day, interrupting simple during the night, half-finished programs and take the workpiece on the machine later, accurately position move from one machine to another, tighten the set-up station and minimize machine downtime - no problem with UNILOCK-R + QX Lock.


Models and Dimensions