ECB Permanent magnetic clamping blocks have a 2-pin chip surface, which is activated or deactivated via the front operating toggle. They are designed for milling and can be used very flexibly. On the clamping side soft pole strips are placed, which can also be turned on and reworked.  So specially shaped magnetic poles can be constructed, for example, difficult to clamp workpieces. Likewise, different clamping heights can be realized for stepped workpieces. The material thickness of the clamped parts should not be significantly below 20mm. Around the magnetic clamping block several holes for attaching additional attacks are introduced. ECB magnetic clamping blocks on both sides have a switch-shaft outlet, several ECB can be operated jointly via an adapter. Angularity 0.015/100mm, parallelism 0.01/100mm.



Several ECB magnetic clamping blocks can be combined to form a large-area clamping system. This can be realized directly on the machine table or on base plates. Ask us, we will advise you.


The package includes:

  • 1 lever
  • 1 set of Pole bars.
  • 1 set of stop bars
  • 1 set of position-groove-blocks
  • 1 shaft connector