Flat and Rod Gripper

On the following pages you will find permanent magnetic flat and rod gripper. It is in these embodiments the magnet systems have only one adhesive surface due to their construction. Of all the other surfaces of the gripper magnet body assumes no magnetic force. This construction shape makes it possible, to limit the spatial effect of the magnetic field, so that it does not come to a surrounding magnetization of the entire, which is in contact with the gripper magnet, workpiece or the gripper magnet machine elements.

The holding forces given in the tables are nominal at room temperature which can be reached at normal demolition and full surface contact of the gripper bar on workpieces of sufficient thickness of mild iron or mild steel. For unclean pole faces or uneven workpieces to form air gaps, through which the adhesive forces are greatly reduced. It is advisable to always ensure a clean pole face and if necessary to clean from time to time.

The pot magnets described are not aging. They keep their adhesive force for an unlimited period. They can be weakened only by excessively high operating temperatures and mechanical destruction.

Different workpieces influence the adhesive force according to their permeability. With increasing admixtures and alloying components the permeability and thus the adhesive force decreases. Larger surface roughness on the workpiece leader due to the decrease of the support portion in substantial holding power losses. With increasing air gap, the adhesive force of pot magnets decreases. Magnetically non-conducting intermediate layers act in the same sense as an air gap. Should be concerned with long-term temperature or thermal shock stresses malfunctions, please send us your inquiry. The same applies in the event of chemical stresses.



The holding forces have been determined on a ground plate (material St37) with a thickness of 10mm by the vertical withdrawal of the magnet (1kg about 10N). Any differences up to -10% of the specified values ​​are possible.

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