Permanent Magnetic filter rods and magnetic grid can be used to clean granules, solids and liquids from metal particles. For this, the magnetic filters are easily integrated into the material flow. They are used in mechanical engineering, powder in waste separation, in the food industry, in agriculture and in all, granular and liquid processing equipment. The outer skin of the magnetic filter is made of wear-resistant stainless steel. A wide range of standard sizes - as well as nearly any desired size - are available. Tell us your application - we will gladly advise you. Magnetic filter rods are the basic component for all magnetic filter systems. Filter rods of the type MFS-ND work with neodymium magnet systems. These have a max. Operating temperature of 80°C and produce a magnetic flux density of 12,000 gauss. On request, special dimensions, higher temperatures and flux densities possible to 14,000 Gauss.




The merger of several MFS-ND filter rods to a system is also possible.