The terrain cleaning magnets GRM-XL are used to clean open-air site, traffic areas and large-scale industrial buildings from metal parts lying around.  Take dangerous items such as shavings, nails, screws, stamping parts and so on, thus protecting your employees and vehicles.


GRM-XL magnets are made of a super strong neodymium magnet system, which is built, extremely stable, in a steel case with stainless steel base plate. They are simply added to the forklift fork and out across the floor. The taken parts can then be resolved from the magnet by moving the shift lever. So metal waste can be dropped directly on a container or tank.


  • Catch height nails 3x80mm = 175mm

  • Recommended ground clearance in use 80-110mm

  • Recommended speed 1m/sec

  • Special sizes also available on request


Application Video