Permanent lifting magnets are manufactured with the most different special pole pieces and as a load spreader for almost all geometries. We manufacture magnets for spherical surfaces, with long pole pieces, for rings, sleeves and profiles. We also manufacture special solutions with electro-permanent lifting magnets. All special Lifting magnets are constructed, tested and documented in accordance with EN 13155 and MD 2006/42 EEC. Below you will find a small selection of already implemented special solutions.

We are pleased to offer you numerous special solutions to your problem!



Sub-band- and Flame straightening Magnets

Sub-band magnets are used to hold workpieces during transport on tapes or slides safely. They should keep both against acceleration forces and net mass as well as against mechanical machining forces. Very often this is applied at grinding- and deburring machines and feeding systems in the sheet metal processing. Sub-band magnets generally require the appropriate application for interpretation. This refers to the holding forces, the transport direction, pole pitch and installation dimensions. In most cases, sub-band magnets are permanent magnets. However, versions in electric or electro-permanent technique may also be useful for some applications. For various preplanned standards we construct the appropriate sub-band magnet for your application.


Referred to as flame straightening Deforming sheet using electromagnets and high heat is mainly applied in the automotive industry to bring sheet metal element and walls in the form. We have experience in application and equipment - just ask us.