We manufacture permanent lifting magnets with a wide variety of special pole shoes and as load crossheads for almost all geometries. We manufacture magnets for ball surfaces, with long pole shoes, for rings, sleeves and profiles.  We also manufacture special solutions with electro-permanent lifting magnets. All special lifting magnets are designed, tested and documented according to EN 13155 and MRL 2006/42 EWG. In the following you will find a small selection of already realised special solutions.

We are pleased to offer you the suitable special solution for your problem!


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Special solution FX-R100-S with Special Pole

Special solution FXE-1600/50 HV-S Electro-Permanent HV System

Special solution FXE-1000/50+ S with Handle

Special solution FXE-S60 Electro-Permanent Magnet for Round Material

Special solution FXE-T250-400 Electro-Permanent Small traverse with spindle driven adjustment mechanism

Special solution FX-HV R225-S Small HV-System for fast turning

Special solution FX-V400-S with special ventilation for longer use on hot workpieces

Special solution FX_V200-S with special pole shoe for lifting and transporting wheels

Special solution FXE-500/80-S with special pole shoe for lifting and transporting wheels

Special solution FXE-1600/100-S with double prism for lifting and transporting several pipes simultaneously

Special solution FXE-600/50+ S for the transport of cast housings with deep shaft passage with Manulift System

Special solution FXE-T 600/80+ S for the loading and unloading of machines with special backhoes and long special pole shoes



FXE Truss
FX-HV R225 S FX-V200 S FX-V400 S
FXE-350 S FXE-400 S FXE-500 S FXE-600 S
FXE-HV 1600 S FXE-M500 S FXE-T 1000-2600 FXE-T 12500 S
FXE-T 250-400 PM-SMCO FXE-T 3200 S  


Underband and flame straightening magnets

Underband magnets are used to hold workpieces securely on belts or even slides during transport. They are designed to hold against acceleration forces and dead weight as well as against mechanical processing forces. This is very often used for continuous grinding and deburring machines as well as feeding systems in sheet metal processing. Lower band magnets usually require a design that is suitable for the application. This refers to holding forces, transport direction, pole pitch and installation dimensions. In most cases, lower band magnets are permanent magnets. However, designs in electro or electro-permanent technology can also be useful for some applications. From various pre-planned standards we design the suitable lower band magnet for your application.



The forming of sheet metal by means of electromagnets and high heat, known as flame straightening, is used primarily in vehicle construction to shape sheet metal elements and walls. We have experience in application and equipment - just ask us.