Welcome to Flaig Magnetic Systems. Located in the beautiful Black Forest, our professionals offer you the best advice from the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of lifting magnets and magnet systems. We offer the right equipment for almost any magnetic application. In addition to standard products such as PML lifting magnets, EPM BA electro-permanent lifting magnets and NEO and Maxx lifting magnets we offer a wide range of magnetic systems such as magnetic clamping plates, magnetic clamping blocks and other magnetic tools from stock.

Flaig TE Magnetic Systems is particularly the Specialist for special solutions. Many applications require special systems off the available standard products. Our Designers specialize in the manufacture of customer-specific solutions and find for almost every application the perfect alternative. Let us know your specific application. Together we will find the right solution that meets your needs.

Lifting magnets are the perfect pick-up means for fast and safe working. Our Systems are beneficial everywhere where loads are to be kept without a handle. The areas of application include both material storage and transportation, fixture and the loading and unloading of machines. We carry a wide range of different types and technical concepts of broadband applicable standard product through to individual special magnets for bulky parts.

We look Forward to your call!

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