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Welcome to Flaig Magnetsysteme. Located in the beautiful Black Forest, our professionals offer you the best advice from the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of permanent lifting magnets, electro-permanent lifting magnets and magnet systems.

We offer the right equipment for almost every magnetic application. In addition to standard products such as the new FX range, we offer PML systems, FXE electro-permanent lifting magnets, and NEO magnets. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of magnetic systems such as magnetic clamping plates, magnetic clamping blocks and other magnetic aids from stock.

Flaig Magnetsysteme is especially the specialist for special solutions in the fields of magnetic load carrying and electro-permanent lifting magnets. Many applications require special systems apart from the available standard products. Our design engineers are specialized in the production of customized special solutions and find the suitable alternative for almost every application.

Tell us your special application. Together we will find the right solution that meets your requirements.

Lifting magnets are the perfect lifting device for fast and safe working. Our systems are advantageous wherever loads have to be held without a handle. Applications include material storage as well as transport, fixture construction and the loading and unloading of machines.

We carry a wide range of different designs and technical concepts, from standard products that can be used in a wide range of applications to individual special magnets for bulky parts. If you have any questions about magnet systems, we will be happy to advise you.

In the course of the new innovative FX line we would like to recommend our FX products to you in particular.

FX lifting magnets are the new innovative product in the field of magnetic lifting technology. They work with a single magnet system, consisting of high-energy half-shell magnets, which can be fully activated in only 90° switching travel, and are completely recoilless and self-braking.

The solid, ball-bearing mounted switching shaft with the mounted half-shell magnets has no magnetic losses due to internal short-circuiting and can be manufactured in one piece over its entire length without welds or tapered transitions, as well as without milled recesses for block magnets, making it virtually indestructible.

The unique, patent-pending design with half-shell magnets and the reduction of the internal air gap in the magnet system ensure significantly higher performance with the same amount of magnet material - this reduces costs and protects the environment.

In addition to our FX permanent lifting magnets, the new FX line also includes FXE electro-permanent lifting magnets.

Electro-permanent magnet technology stands for maximum safety in magnetic load handling. The advantages of fail-safe permanent magnets and the user-friendliness of electromagnets are combined in a common concept. In case of cable breakage or power failure, the lifted load cannot drop. No batteries need to be maintained, activation/deactivation is done by pressing a button on the magnet, by radio remote control or signal output from a customer's existing control system.

Depending on the application, the FXE product range offers different concepts.

FXE lifting magnets are the professional solution for frequent handling of workpieces. They have a very robust construction and are designed for continuous operation. The electrical control allows the operator to switch the device without physical effort, even in poorly accessible places. The permanent magnet system is activated by pressing a button in only 0.8 seconds, and the workpiece is safely released when the machine is switched off. The device is simply connected to mains voltage. The device is therefore ready for use with very little installation effort. In the event of a power failure, the load is held by the permanent magnetic field. This means that no vulnerable and maintenance-intensive back-up batteries are required. A quick conversion of crane systems with conventional mains-powered electromagnets is possible without any problems. FXE electro-permanent magnets comply with the latest standards and offer maximum safety and operating comfort. With our standard sizes up to 7200 kg we have the right device for almost every application.

We are looking forward to your call!